X5 Tungsten Slug
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**NEW** Sig X5 tungsten Grip Weight
Get the new Sig X5 grip weight precision machined out of Tungsten to put the weight back where it should be, in the grip of your hand. This new tungsten weight gives you nearly double the weight of what comes with the stock X5 coming in at approx 3.5 oz. If you are looking to get that competitive edge to better control recoil then here is your solution




All stock, no mag well, iron sights

32.5 oz

All Stock factory brass weight replaced with SSI tungsten weight

34.5 oz

All stock with SSI Heavy grip NO INTERNAL WEIGHT

36.6 oz

ALL stock with SSI heavy grip and factory brass weight

37.9 oz

All stock with SSI heavy grip and SSI tungsten weight

39.9 oz



Recommended Carry Optics Configuration:
SIG X5 with…
SSI Heavy Grip
SSI internal tungsten weight
Extended mag release
tungsten guide rod
SIG Romeo R1 mounted directly to slide

42.9 oz


Note:  1. all weights were taken with a factory SIG 21 round max inserted
            2. These are guidelines.  Guns & Scales vary.  Please verify your configuration.  

USPSA Maximum allowable weight Production Division X5 is 37.5 oz with mag inserted
USPSA Maximum allowable weight Carry Optics Division is 45 oz with  mag inserted. 

If you backorder your slug, Please allow two weeks from time of payment to complete your order.

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X5 Tungsten Slug

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