X5 Silicon Carbide Grip Module
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Introducing the X5 Silicon Carbide Grip Module from Shooting Sports Innovations.

The silicon carbide grip treatment is done to a brand new Sig X5 Grip module.  You do not need to send your grip module in for this process.  Say goodbye to grip tape.  

The SIG X5 has set the competition shooting world on its head.  With a huge factory mag opening, potential for an amazing and consistent trigger that will pop hard primers, a slide pre milled for optics and interchangeable non serialized grip modules that can be changed in less than 2 minutes 

 Note:  Actual appearance may vary.  Each of these is hand made.  If you backorder your grip, Please allow two weeks from time of payment to complete your order.

  • Item #: X5 SC GRIP

X5 Silicon Carbide Grip Module

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